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About us

Note: The reporter wrongly uses the name Dieter Zimmer instead of Dieter Richter.

Cafe Arqueologico Yaxha

In 2004, we - Anne Weirauch and Dieter Richter - opened Café Arqueológico Yaxha in Flores, Guatemala with the idea of creating a place where the culturally interested traveler could find useful information about the Mayans.

Photos, maps, newspaper articles, and drawings of different archaeological sites and projects cover our restaurant walls, and informative books about the
Mayan World fill our library shelves. Furthermore, archaeologists and scientists currently working at Mayan sites often use our café as an international meeting point.

On our tours, visitors gain deep
insight into the scientific work at sites currently under investigation. We arrange tours to sites that travelers usually do not have the opportunity to visit such as to buildings under excavation or investigation tunnels. Some of these sites are susceptible to looters. However, because looters will not work in sites regularly frequented by people, our tours, and your participation in them, helps protect these incredible Mayan sites.

Dieter Richter guiding a Yaxha tour
Photo exhibition at Cafe Arqueologico Yaxha
Anne Weirauch at the Mayan ruins
Guests at Cafe Arqueologico Yaxha
Family at La Blanca

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