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Adventurous Dry Season Expeditions

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Unique tours tailored to your needs

During the dry-season (mid of March – end of June), we love to work with participants to organize personally tailored scientific expeditions. On these trips, we take participants to Mayan sites rarely visited by other people!

In northeastern Petén, there are many unexplored Mayan city-states of great importance for the science. Thousands of buildings, including palaces and temple-pyramids, remain uninvestigated, leaving archaeologists wondering what may lay guarded underneath. Immense palace acropolis and high temple-pyramids overlook the jungle, waiting to be explored!

Our tailored expeditions usually run between 3 and 4 days. We stay in camps of legal concessions of woodcutters, who only cut one tree per hectare and protect the rainforest and the archaeological sites lying within their areas from illegal woodcutters and looters.

Hidden pyramid in the jungle

Hundreds of years old architecture exposed to the influence of the climate

Map Peten Guatemala

We often visit the fascinating Mayan sites of Holmul, Sibal, Chanchich, Witzna, Xultun, La Honradez, Chochkitam, Kinal and Rio Azul.

During these expeditions, we not only check the state of the sites, but also count the number of and analyze new tunnels created by looters. At times, we are even at the forefront of new discoveries, which we learn about from woodcutters who uncover such sites during their work. By taking part in our expeditions, participants contribute to the knowledge of lost city-states and help this science move forward.

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Immense Mayan arch lost in the jungle

Immense Mayan arch lost in the jungle - For how long might they be strong enough to avoid their collapse?

Feedback from Dieter's expedition in March 2008:

Hello my fellow Mayanek,

I want take a minute to tell you what an awsome trip it turned out to be. Although the road conditions were not our allies, everyone kept their spirits up and I believe a great time was had by all. I came into this trip not having a clue what to expect...........and I got everybit of it...................and then some. Traveling to those ruins with you and Raul was quite the honor. You each gave me a much different perspective of the Mayan world and all that is going required to help preserve what has been left behind for us to explore.

I will write more later, but, wanted to let you know you were still being raved about. Everyone in the group was quite satisfied as I can see. I am looking forward to do more somtime soon.

Scott and Greg, USA

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