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Daytrip to Yaxha and Topoxte

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Archaeologists began the first works on the island of “Topoxte” within the lake of Yaxha. “Topoxte” is a unique Mayan site because it is the only lasting example of post-classic architecture in all of the department of Petén, Guatemala.

Under temple “A,” our scientists found an
impressive tomb with jade artwork and ceramics displaying colorful scenes. Exact copies of this jade from Topoxte are available in our Jade Shop.

Topoxte Guatemala

“Yaxha” is an immense Mayan site lying at the shore of a lake. From 1989 to 2006, archaeologists carried out intensive restoration work at the site, and today, the original shape of this large Mayan city-state is once-again recognizable. Many of the excavated buildings provide evidence of Mayan architecture and the daily life of the Mayan civilization. Here you can climb many excavated pyramids, admire a ball court and original Mayan stucco.

Our explanations about Mayan architecture, archaeology, the “Triangulo Cultural” project and culture provide an in-depth understanding about the old Mayan World!

Topoxte Guatemala


8:00 am
9:15 am
9:30 am

11:00 am
11:30 am

2:30 pm

4:00 pm

Departure from “Café Arqueológico Yaxha” in Flores
Arrival at the campground of the archaeological site Yaxha
9:30 Boat trip on the lake Yaxha towards the site “Topoxte”
Guided visit of the archaeological site
Return to Yaxha campground. Box lunch
Guided tour through the site of Yaxha

Explanation about the construction forms and uses of palace architecture, observatories, sacbes (sacred ceremonial roads), Triadico complexes, plazas with stelaes and temple constructions

Tour of Temple 216, a unique building of Mayan architecture which provides an unforgettable view over the lake and jungle
Return to Flores

Topoxte and Yaxha are two Mayan sites located in the 1,200-km² research area of the Triángulo Cultural, which also includes Nakum, Naranjo, and thirteen sub-centers. This collaborative project - the biggest research project in the Mayan world with 300 workers and 12 scientists - investigates and documents Mayan buildings at these locations.

Because centers regularly frequented by people are safe from grave robbers, your participation in our tours helps protect these precious archaeological sites.

Price per person

US$ 42.00 -
US$ 49.00 -
US$ 69.00 -
US$ 95.00 -

+ Entrance fee:


5 people
4 people
3 people
2 people

US$ 11.00

Transport from Flores
Guided tour to Yaxha and Topoxte
Box lunch

Jade from Topoxte

Jade from Topoxte Guatemala
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