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Weekend offer - Spend 2 nights in Flores, visit 3 fascinating Mayan sites

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On this weekend trip, visitors get deep insight into the world of the Mayans. On the first evening, we present a slide show with fascinating pictures and extensive information about the mysterious culture and world of the Mayans. The following day, participants depart for the jungle and follow the tracks of the first explorers to explore virgin Mayan ruins in La Blanca. Moreover they will walk past restored pyramids and palaces in the archaeological site Yaxha. On the last day, visitors visit the impressive UNESCO world heritage site with the highest number of excavated buildings in Guatemala: Tikal.

Day 1

  • Airport pick-up
  • Transfer to your hotel
  • Stay at the hotel of your choice (see below)
  • Mayan dinner at Café Arqueológico Yaxha
Sunset Flores Guatemala

Day 2

  • Tour to Yaxha and La Blanca (see day trip)
  • Guided tour with lots of scientific information; get insight into a running archaeological project
  • Transport, guided tour and lunch included
La Blanca Guatemala

Day 3

  • Tour of Tikal (see day trip)
  • Collective transport included, guide available at extra charge
  • Transfer to the airport (if leaving the same day)
Tikal Guatemala

..:: Upon request, we can schedule this tour package to begin on any day of the week. ::..

Panorama Tikal Guatemala

Price per person

Choice 1: Tour package + standard hotel room with private bath and fan
US$ 115.00 in a double room
US$ 120.00 in a single room

Choice 2: Tour package + quality hotel room with private bath, air condition and wifi
US$ 140.00 in a double room
US$ 145.00 in a single room

Not included: Entrance fees for the National Parks (US$ 20.00 + US$ 11.00)

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