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Canopy Tour / Zip Lines

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Canopy tour Guatemala

Two canopy parks close to Flores offer you the opportunity to soar on a zip line through the tropical rainforest. The circuits include a long suspension bridge and 13 platforms connected through the canopy cable. Slide from tree to tree and look at the jungle from a monkey view. Participants are always accompanied by 2 guides to assure safety during the entire tour.

Canopy Tour Tikal is located at the entrance to Tikal and can easily be done after a visit to Tikal. Enjoy the adventure of the jungle like Tarzan!

La Ruta del Mono is located only 45 km from Flores and 15 km from Yaxha. You can easily combine it with a guided tour to Yaxha. It is such an adventurous place that was chosen by the famous
TV show "Survivor" to film on this location in 2005. Due to its bird richness and its excellent condition the Ruta del Mono territory was chosen as a demonstrative destination for the IV International Encounter of Bird Watchers, carried out in Peten in the 2008.

Your visit to La Ruta del Mono can be complemented with several activities in the jungle, including:

  • Interpretive trails to learn more about our ecosystem
  • Birdwatching
  • Night Canopy
  • Mountain Biking
  • Guided visit to a "chiclero" base camp
Canopy Tour Guatemala
Safe Canopy Tour Guatemala

Feel like a monkey

Safe Canopy Tour Guatemala

Safety is priority

Price per person

Entrance fee:

US$ 30.00

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