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Daytrip to Yaxha and La Blanca

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The archaeological sub-center La Blanca is located on a small country lane far from the mass tourism of the Petén. Since 2004, the University of Valencia has been excavating the site, which means that visitors have the unique opportunity to gain direct insight into excavation work and admire incredible murals inside the edifices.

La Blanca Guatemala

Our tours aim to support the communities of the villages lying next to La Blanca and Yaxha. We hope that with more outside recognition, - such as allowing visitors to eat lunch with Guatemalan families - community members will begin to protect "their" Mayan sites from thieves.

Guatemalan children

Yaxha is a unique archaeological site in the Petén. Restoration work began in 1989 in cooperation with the German KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau), and over the years, archaeologists have restored and excavated many of the Mayan buildings. Today, the former shape of the city is once again recognizable. On our archaeological tours, visitors have the chance to admire sacred roads, the observatory, several huge acropolises, and numerous temple pyramids, including temple 216, the highest temple in Yaxha with a breathtaking view over the lake.

Temple 216 Yaxha Guatemala

La Blanca and Yaxha are two Mayan sites located in the 1,200-km˛ research area of the Triángulo Cultural, which also includes Nakum, Naranjo, and thirteen sub-centers. This collaborative project - the biggest research project in the Mayan world with 300 workers and 12 scientists - investigates and documents Mayan buildings at these locations.

Because centers regularly frequented by people are safe from grave robbers, your participation in our tours helps protect these precious archaeological sites.

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Sunset at Yaxha Guatemala

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10.00 am - 8.00 pm

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