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2-day trip to Yaxha and Nakum

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Overnight stay in the jungle

For information about the impressive pyramids at Yaxha, please read the description of “ Yaxha - Topoxte.”

Nakum, an archaeological site that boasts the second highest number of restored buildings in Guatemala after Tikal, is located eighteen kilometers from Yaxha deep in the jungle. Archaeologists have been excavating the site year-round for more than fourteen years.

The road to Nakum cuts through dense jungle vegetation, which requires the use of four-wheel-drive. (Due to flooding, in the rainy season, visitors may have to walk the last few kilometers.) After a one to two hour drive, visitors arrive at this impressive site, a
huge Mayan oasis within the deep rainforest. Several high temples, fourteen interior patios, and smaller edifices make Nakum the largest palace acropolis in the whole Mayan World.

Yaxha Guatemala
Nakum Guatemala
Panorama Nakum Guatemala


of the overnight trip to Yaxha and Nakum

Day 1
10:00 am
11:15 am
11:30 am
02:30 pm
03:00 pm

05:00 pm
07:00 pm

Depart to the Mayan site Yaxha
Arrive at the campground of Yaxha
Take guided tour through the site of Yaxha
Box lunch at the campground
Set up the tents for overnight camping
Free time (swim in the lake)
Hike up to temple 216, watch the sunset
Grill dinner at the lake shore
Camping at the site

Day 2
07:00 am
08:00 am

12:00 am
01:00 pm
02:30 pm

All times

Depart to the Mayan site Nakum (1-2 hour drive from Yaxha)
Arrive at archaeological site
Take guided tour of Nakum; learn about architecture and culture using before-and-after photos
Box lunch at the campground
Depart to Yaxha
Pack tents and camping equipment. Depart to Flores

are subject to change due to the weather or other unforeseen factors in the jungle.

Nakum and Yaxha are two Mayan sites located in the 1,200-km² research area of the Triángulo Cultural, which also includes Nakum, Naranjo, and thirteen sub-centers. This collaborative project - the biggest research project in the Mayan world with 300 workers and 12 scientists - investigates and documents Mayan buildings at these locations.

Because centers regularly frequented by people are safe from grave robbers, your participation in our tours helps protect these precious archaeological sites.

Price per person

Jungle hike Guatemala

US$ 195.00 -
US$ 220.00 -
US$ 275.00 -

+ Entrance fee


4 people
3 people
2 people

US$ 11.00

  • Guided tours to Yaxha and Nakum by a collaborator of the Triángulo Cultural
  • All meals
  • Camping equipment (tents)
  • Transportation

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